Stock Price Data Analysis – 2

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Let’s start by loading the data into memory first. The data is per minute stock prices for the SNP500 bucket for the 10 days prior to 17 Dec. This means we have 390 x 10 so about 3900 rows per stock. This, however, is not absolutely true since some data has holes in it – […]

Interpretation of PCA Results

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An intuitive interpretation for PCA results

Stock Price Data Analysis – 1

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Introduction I recently was able to get my hands on raw stock prices data (open, high, low, close and volume) for the Standard And Poor’s 500 index (SNP500). The data was for each stock in the SNP500 bucket (actually 504 stocks since some of the stocks are listed twice for different types of shares issued) […]

A look into Pakistan’s Education Situation using Machine Learning

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I was looking to experiment with some of the machine learning techniques I had been learning the past few months. I was particularly interested if I could glean any insights about the education system in Pakistan. Despite the efforts of the government, a large proportion of the nation is illiterate and the state of education […]

Social Injustice and the Individual’s Moral Obligations

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Individuals and their moral obligations to defeat social injustices in society or immediate vicinity.

On the Integration of Immigrants in Society

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Are secular societies better at assimiliating immigrants compared to not so secular ones?

Victor Frankl: Suffering and Meaning

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Viktor Frankl was an Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist as well as a Holocaust survivor. In his book – Man’s Search For Meaning, he writes about the psychology of the prisoners in the Holocaust concentration camps. I very recently read a passage on suffering (and what meaning people can derive from it) in Frankl’s amazing book. […]

Violence and its Effects on Intergenerational Mobility

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Up until a few days ago I was not fully aware of the implications of systematic discrimination and bias against a particular race or ethnicity on its future generations. A lot has been said about how assimiliation of people from races or ethnicities discriminated against in the past into the mainstream economy is an arduous […]

Child Watches, Child Learns

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I was sitting on the upper deck of the tram on my way to a friend’s place earlier today. It was raining heavily and it was a pleasure to hear the pattering outside, but my attention was drawn towards the very front. A very agitated kid of around 18 was standing in front of his […]

Using OpenCV to use great circle plots for horizon detection

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Now that we have a way to plot great circles on to equirectangular planes, how do we use that to detect the pitch and roll of the camera and consequently stabilise the video? Draw Curves First, we need to draw the curves as opencv images: We calculate the curves according to the roll and pitch […]

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