Python for Great Circle Projections - Part 2

This post will be a bit mathematically involved. Bear with me. Projections Let’s jump right into the math. The formula for projecting any point in latitude, longtitude to its (x,y) equivalent on a rectangular plane is: x = λcos(φ1) y = φ λ is the longitude; φ is the latitude; φ1 are the standard parallels (north and south of the equator) where the scale of the projection is true; x is the horizontal position along the map; y is the vertical position along the map.

Python for Great Circle Projections

For an internal project at my company, I was asked to write code to draw great circles projected on to an equirectangular plane. Why this is useful I will discuss a little later, but first, what exactly are great circles? great circle on Earth A great circle is the largest circle that can be drawn on any given sphere. Every circle in Euclidean 3-space is a great circle of exactly one sphere.