Machine Learning and ASER Pakistan Education DataSet

I was looking to experiment with some of the machine learning techniques I had been learning the past few months. I was particularly interested if I could glean any insights about the education system in Pakistan. Despite the efforts of the government, a large proportion of the nation is illiterate and the state of education delivery remains poor. I am of the opinion that a very focused data-driven approach would be a better method of resolving the crisis that the country faces than spending tons of money on the distribution of laptops.

Social Injustice and the Individual's Moral Obligations

Abdul Sattar Edhi was a great man. He was selfless, generous, and along with his wife managed to build the Edhi Foundation, one of the largest charities in the country. The foundation provides welfare homes, ambulances, orphanages, morgues, and adoption services free of cost to whoever needs it. In a country like Pakistan where social welfare is in wanting, the foundation serves as a blessing to many. But how far does an individual’s efforts go in trying to alleviate the social injustices seen and experienced by millions in places where welfare systems are next to none?